Friday, 5 June 2009

H&F Council vandalise streets with Nissan advertising


Coming back from the gym this morning I was confronted by these chalked up images on the streets of the Bush around the Green. As I walked under the banners that proclaim how many police officers the council have created to make us all safer and happier I wondered at the wanton commercial vandalism that evidently didn't count as any kind of crime in this bright new era.

How does a multi billion dollar company like Nissan get to graffitti the streets of Shepherd's Bush, with what must have been the full approval of the council, without any come back? Or would the council have us believe that this global corporate giant did it with no warning?

And how could they possibly arrest a 13 year old scrawling a tag on a wall again without being rightly charged with hypocrisy themselves?!

Seriously, I dont want chalk drawings on the streets telling me to buy a car. What I would like to know however is how much money changed hands? How much did the council get paid by Nissan and what will they do with the money?  To those who might have the answer, including those who work at Town Hall and who are among my readers, I promise anonymity.

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