Sunday, 7 June 2009

Shepherd's Bush flooding!

Well, not quite but nearly. My camera is on the blink so I don't have any shots but after this morning's rainstorm half of Uxbridge road had huge lagoons on either side.
Its either because the roads were not put together properly after the pavements were re-built last year or just bad drainage. Either way the volume of standing water made for some spectacular car drive-by soakings. This included one guy who was soaked by a wall of water which flew over a parked car between him and the one driving past for goodness sake! Thankfully I was not a victim but others were not so lucky!Uxbridge Road


  1. This has been a problem ever since the start of the "regeneration" of the Green, over 6 years ago and all the pavements were relaid by AJ O'Connor, who I see still have the contract despite being the slowest I have ever seen and who do not seem to appreciate that water flows downhill and that to leave drains uphill will cause flooding, which happens at every pedestrain dropped kerb it seems. Just lousy workmanship in my opinion with a smattering of blocked drains. Long sentence sorry!

  2. PS Know about this at all? From A Slaughter's news letter

    A lively meeting on (by which I mean about) Shepherds Bush Green, hastily called by the council when they realised there was growing resident opposition to their plans to concrete over part of it and create hummocks on other parts. I hope for once the protests will be listened to.

    Is there a Save our Trees group??

  3. no I just saw that as well, I'll email him. He's linked to this blog from his newsletter before so I know he reads it .. Andy please elucidate!