Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Menezes tube train driver compensated - with peanuts

MenezesThe man who was driving the tube train on which Jean Charles de Menezes was killed, and who was chased down the tunnel by the self same armed police, has just been awarded compensation of one thousand pounds. Not much I hear you say? No, it isnt. And it wouldnt have been anything if the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) had gotten its way. They refused him anything at all, and he only won on appeal.

As injustices go this is pretty sickening and shameful. In fact it is so down there in the gutter that I am lost for words. As we see Honourable Members of Parliament claiming - and being given - much more than one thousand pounds each so that they can buy nice cushions to park their backsides on, they preside over a system in which a man who was chased down a dark train tunnel by gun toting policemen who had just fired seven bullets into the head of an innocent man is first turned down for compensation completely and then given one thousand pounds.

Having been in Liverpool Street on July 7th, I was in Shepherd's Bush on July 21st as they sealed off our tube station on that day. I remember the 207 bus driver urging us all to get off. Quickly. I remember seeing police cars mounting pavements from all directions and speeding across the Green itself to get to the tube station. They all knew that they were rushing into a situation that might very well cost them their lives, in protection of our own. So this is in no way doubts their own courage and bravery. They do things most of us never have to. This is a criticism of a legal system that is rotten to the core when it comes to dealing with victims, or as I said here sentencing villains. And it makes me sick.

I apologise for ranting. Not my normal style. I actually work in Stockwell now and walk past that shrine to Menezes every day so it may be I am getting things out of proportion. But I dont think so. And it is relevant to the Bush!

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