Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bush Green builder wins gong

The contractors who eventually got round to finishing the renovation of the Green has been awarded a prestigious industry gong as the " manufacturing, engineering and infrastructure company of the year" at the inaugural London Loves Excellence Awards 2013.

Bushers will remember that this project, which undoubtedly has brightened our neighbourhood from what it was, was possibly one of the longest running projects many of us have ever seen. First up was the need to force our Council to change their minds by way of a Planning Inspectorate review, which saw residents win significant concessions from the original plans in terms of saving trees and preventing a cafe being installed on the Green. Secondly it was the discovery of poisonous and dangerous materials left over from the second world war and thirdly, well, it was the wrong sort of rain which dogged the washout that was last summer.

Now, though, we are rewarded with what is demonstrably a highlight of W12 and for that few would begrudge this award to FM Conway, nor to the Council who have delivered a shiny new Green that is being enjoyed in the sun at the moment. We got there eventually. Well done all. 

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