Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Botterill accused of “Lies” over Market

H&F Council Leader Nick Botterill has been accused of telling porkies by the traders of the Goldhawk Road set to lose their properties and freeholds under the Council’s controversial scheme to redevelop the area with a property developer who plan to construct seven floors of luxury flats on top of the site.

In a letter to the Fulham Chronicle Mr Bottterill repeats a claim that the traders have been made formal offers, which the traders themselves dispute. No such offers have been made or received, they say. Given this Council’s record on the scheme, which has already fallen foul of the High Court, I’m inclined to believe the traders.

They say they plan to submit a letter pointing out Mr Botterill’s untruths. It will be interesting to see if the newspaper decides to publish it. It is one letter among many flying around at the moment with many objectors to the scheme also having received a letter from the Council recently suggesting that they have "misunderstood" the scheme and may wish to withdraw their objections following some "clarifications". The only way the objectors could have received such a letter is if the Council had used its database of objectors – a database they have denied those opposing the scheme on the grounds of it being prejudicial to the current legal inquiry. Given that this letter repeats claims of fact that the traders themselves dispute, it would seem that these letters themselves are prejudicial.

But that’s how they roll, folks. I understand that of the 225 people they wrote to, only 4 have withdrawn their objections. Which speaks volumes.

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