Thursday, 4 July 2013

Panorama: Tories spend £10,000 on PR

Local councillors have splashed 10k of your cash on adverts and leaflets to respond to the Panorama programme which exposed them as one of the worst authorities in the UK for trapping motorists in order to generate income.

The eyebrow raising figure has been disclosed as a result of a Freedom of Information request submitted by Andy Slaughter MP which you can read, together with the response, in full above. The cost of designing and publishing a response in the pages of the declining Fulham Chronicle was £275 but because of that paper's dying circulation (more than half of households in H&F no longer receive the paper) they thought they needed to print and distribute a leaflet seperately which put the bill up to £8,000. Add that to the weekly cost of their £70k pullout contract with the paper and you're just shy of ten thousand pounds.

That of course doesn't include the cost of these adverts which have now amazingly appeared at local bus stops.

I guess when you are raking it in at junctions like this a cool £10k is small fry to splash on PR.

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