Saturday, 3 November 2012

Video: Ravenscourt Park Fireworks

Tonight's firework display in Ravenscourt Park was actually well worth the fiver it cost to get in - which was only marginally more expensive than the cost of a single portion of chips on one of the super rip-off vans selling food at the event!

Despite the lack of a fire, which I thought was a real gap, the fireworks were well worth the wait. First off was the kids performance which was still quite good for the non kids among us and ended with a few big 'uns in the air. But the Bond-themed adult performance 30 minutes later was actually really impressive. Set to current and historic theme tunes of Bond films the kaleidoscopic explosions seemed to follow the music well, including for example gold fingers streaking upwards to the theme of GoldFinger, and had some real spectaculars at the end.

A really clever move was to have no alcohol - the vibe of the whole event was really positive and H&F Council deserve real credit for putting it on. Well done chaps.


  1. I am very surprised at this post. Some of your posts that criticise he council I usually find very contrived and partisan. Here the council strip a cultural event of any meaning at all, and are blatantly profiteering from all the over-priced unhealthy rubbish being sold and you go and praise them. Some of the rides for toddlers were just plain dangerous with parents barging each other to get their kids and no safety practices evident at all. You are right that there was no alcohol, but you have clearly been drinking something if you think the borough's two firework events are something for the council to be proud of.

  2. well, you'll never please everyone! I didn't look at the rides so I don't know, but thanks for sharing your experience, which does sound worrying.