Friday, 9 November 2012

Fried chicken Green part-opens

Well, they've ignored most deadlines, those folks from FM Conway, but sadly for them Remembrance Sunday was a non movable object, seeing as the mini centotaph for the Bush is located on the Green itself and is the destination for marching columns of cadets from the armed and police services, followed by the politicians.

So in the goodness of their hearts they've now opened two thirds of the Green, which has immediately received a fullsome W12 makeover of fried chicken boxes and discarded bones from our many outlets around the Green itself. Walking across it this morning I noticed two minor improvements from the almost year long wait - a resurfaced path and a nice mound. 


  1. Don't forget they also got rid of the tennis courts. At last the public will be safe from all those sweaty tennis players.

  2. Yes - with no consultation our council removed the last, free, no booking required tennis courts in the borough. Glad to see local kids will have great facilities to keep them healthy, but what about the grown ups?!