Saturday, 5 May 2012

Best Bush Curry: Unveiled!

It's been a battle that split the Bush and caused numerous arguments. It saw surges and fallbacks and then more surges from the front runners, while others fought for third place and to avoid the wooden spoon. We were left hating our neighbours and fuming at the audacity of others to have a different view from our own. Well, not really.

While the dull "other" election was talked about as Boris took his crown again we were consumed - consumed! - with our own fight in W12 for a Coriander Coronation of the Best Bush Curry of 2012.

But it had to have only one winner and after the twists and turns the Nepalese Tandoori turned out to have more fans than Rajput, despite the fact that Rajput's fan base were generally more shouty and vocal about their curry house's case.

With a commanding majority of 13 the Uxbridge Road based Nepalese Tandoori romped home on 42 votes ahead of Goldhawk Road rival Rajput's  on 29. The two had been neck and nexk for much of the contest in which Rajput took the lead for much of the contest. Further down the field wildcard entry Thai house Esarn Kheaw put in a  late challenge for the third place spot but just lost out to Kathmandu Inn by a single vote. Shimla Kirch on Askew Road and Ashanti tied with 3 votes apiece for joint 5th while AskAway, also on Askew Road, came just behind with 2.

I based these choices on those that had been put forward by many of you in a Twitter debate on this subject two weeks ago and it motivated 104 people to take part in the keenly fought contest - although one reader was outraged that his own late entry wasn't able to join the fray!

So there we have it - Nepalese Tandoori is crowned King of the Curryhouses in Shepherd's Bush. What shall we vote on next?!


  1. I say the best fish'n'chip shop should be the next target. And I'd like to nominate the Seven Stars Chinese Takeaway on Goldhawk Road...

    1. I'd vote for St Elmo's and also campaign for it to be renamed St Elmo's fryer!

    2. Alas, I popped in a few weeks ago and found it distinctly average. A huge shame considering it's such a part of the local landscape it was in a Sweeney TV episode!

  2. I'm a huge fan of the Nepalese but this vote has made me want to try Rajput!

    Thanks Chris - A vote for the best pub could be good and very contentious!


  3. That's a very suspicious late surge by the winner if you ask me...

  4. I love the Nepalese, but Indian Zing is in a league of it's own.

  5. What about a vote on best local restaurant... mine would be for Som Tam!

  6. re Esarn Kheaw - my friend used to live above it. a lot of roaches and mice in his flat. haven't been back since - and tbh harp cafe's pad thai is better anyway.


    +1 on the best chip shop vote.

  7. I live very much nearer the Nepalese than the Rajput and wish it was better; sadly, the only 2 times I've eaten there, it's been sadly lack-lustre food, lack-lustre service and no atmosphere. The extra distance to the Rajput is well worth it. Every time.

  8. You have to be kidding, Nepalese is awful is worse than lack lustre, it's actively bad.

  9. Nepalese tandoori in indeed the best curry house in Shepherd bush. Staff are friendly and you will get personalised service. Five star!!

    Sam and Jackie

  10. we need a kebab-off: the one beside the white horse is phenominal.