Monday, 21 May 2012

Air Ambulance man broke ribs & shoulder

c/o @ellazwart
A man fell from scaffolding at the Abbey Hotel on Wood Lane on Saturday which resulted in the call out of the London Air Ambulance. Nobody had told the pilot that the ground he chose to land on had been declared contaminated with arsenic and lead, however. That was revealed after a local reader let me know over the weekend prompting a hurried announcement from the Council this morning.

The chances of the helicopter having churned anything up I would say are remote - but that's assuming he didn't land on a bit that had been exposed.

On the fallen man he was in a sorry state but thankfully apart from some broken bones - all of his ribs and the left shoulder - he was taken to hospital by road and is now recovering. The 50 year old is believed to have fallen from the first floor into the basement of the property sustaining injuries to his head, chest and arm.

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