Saturday, 19 May 2012

Askew Road Police: False alarm

I drove past what looked like a police investigation at the top end of the Askew Road around lunchtime today and a number of you were also in touch concerned about what it meant. This was, after all, the same Askew Road that has experienced some very dark moments in recent years.

Thankfully it all seems to have been a bit of drama that revolved around fears for a missing person who was then found. Here's what a police spokesperson told me earlier this evening:
"This morning police attended an address in Askew Crescent after reports of a missing person.

As part of the enquiries the police searched the missing persons flat after forcing entry believing he may be inside and incapacitated. No strong evidence to support that allegation but police will do whatever they believe necessary to save life and limb as covered by law.

Inside the missing person was not present, but there was some blood.

As we could not account for the blood or the whereabouts of the person it was decided to initiate a crime scene and heighten the investigation.

Central investigative units and dog units were called upon to search and investigate.

During the afternoon whilst investigation still ongoing the missing person attended Fulham Police Station to report that he was fine.

Investigation concluded".

Thank goodness for that. And good on them for taking it so seriously.


  1. In other news: Anonymous man was not run over on Uxbridge Rd Saturday afternoon, and a car parked outside a house with its door unlocked was found the next morning exactly where owner had left it.

  2. And whose blood was it?

  3. Good to see Adam Courtney posting again.

  4. thankfully there aren't many dramas in shepherds bush. i am pleased that it is safe. leave the big peril and disaster fiction for hollywood and adam courtney?