Saturday, 14 January 2012

Stinging Nettle Goldhawk Rd to become flats & shop

Much local speculation has been whirling since the closure of the Stinging Nettle pub on Goldhawk Road in the last couple of weeks but according to Caterer & Hotelkeeper magazine it is to be redeveloped for a joint residential/commercial venture.

According to Caterer & Hotelkeeper, the brewer Young's has sold the freehold of the property to developers PRR Estates. They plan to "convert the upstairs of the property for residential use, and the ground floor and basement for alternative commercial use and investment".


  1. Trendy bath fittings shop is my bet.

  2. The pub lost its way once it ceased to be an honest boozer.

  3. Wazz a zhame. Za luvvly oll plaze.

    Lezz ope iz nodda bath zhop.

  4. Seems confirmed that it is to be a Costa - how dull!