Friday, 6 January 2012

Masbro Centre roof appeal

The Masbro Centre, which I last wrote about after a family fun day in August, launched its roof appeal this month in an audacious bid to have a new sports pitch roof by the end of 2012. A look at the pic above, taken after the downpours earlier this week, gives your a sense of the need! Working with Matt Hedges from CP Architects based in Askew Road W12 they have put together a comprehensive design package for a new roof which includes solar energy options and changing facilities. They have already raised £100,000 to this quarter million pound project – and have submitted a bid of over £100,000 to the Mayor of London Facility Fund.

Our Council has already stumped up £20,000, for which they deserve real credit, and can also help by covering the VAT for the works. 

The key to Masbro's success will be the Mayor’s London Facility Fund. If this bid is successful they would be only an agonising £45,000 short of their target. It is a two stage process with decision on the first stage by Friday 13th January. If they are successful they then submit a second stage application by the 2nd March and a decision in early June. The works would start late August/ early September with a new roof in place before the end of the year. 

In these difficult times, they tell me, they are not looking to make a general appeal but target people who may have used the Centre in the past and are now in a position to donate something back to the Centre. 

They would even be interested in a low cost or interest free loan that could be paid back over 5 or 10 years. Another possibility could be the new forms of raising capital monies that the government are considering.

Capital expenditure is good for business and help stimulate growth in the local economy in these austerity times. 

The Urban Partnership Group has a lease on the Masbro Centre until 2031. A new sports pitch roof will secure this facility for the next 20 years. 

Andy Sharpe Chief Executive of Urban Partnership Group, speaking yesterday, said this: 
"The Masbro is one of the most popular Centres in the Borough with a footfall in excess of 2000 people a week. We are confident that through a range of funding bids, donations and low cost loans we will have a new sports pitch roof for Masbro by the end of 2012. The people of Hammersmith and Fulham have a great tradition of giving and take pride in their community and public assets. I am sure our appeal and fundraising efforts will be a huge success."
The Masbro has already proved its worth to our community many times over - if you can help, please do. Either contact them by telephone on 020 7605 0800 or their website is here


  1. Thanks Chris. The Masbro is working hard to get the funds as quickly as possible and appreciate your support.

  2. With the purpose of this center for the community, I personally think it's just a must for it to have a new roof. That way, it will not take a larger sum of money compared to when the building will need full renovation. How was the project as of now? I hope the funds you'll need are complete now. :)

    [Joanne Barragan]