Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Wormwood Scrubs Up


I should have been a tabloid editor with my pemchant for bad headlines.

Anyway pics this time from a bike ride I was recently on across Wormwood Scrubs, from the back of Queen Charlotte's Hospital to the other side of East Acton (far end of Wulfstan Road). Its really peaceful, there are some great views across NW London and even a nature reserve for local birds! All for free!

Well recommended for some thinking space. Enjoy.


  1. REad about this on the website as well as on here.

    One of the other things that the Scrubs is very well known for is as a gay cruising ground. Those bushes up near the main road - thats were it all happens.

  2. [...] first posted about the place here in December 08, and got a couple of comments about it being some kind of gay cruising spot which may well be the [...]