Monday, 29 December 2008

Charlton v QPR

some pics (and even a video or two) from the recent game at the Valley. QPR really are the most frustrating team to watch. If they really think they can make the play offs they had better rediscover how to defend. Charlton, a team fighting relegation, avoided defeat fro the first time in months by coming back from behind. Twice.

I didnt bother going to Loftus Road for the Watford game after seeing this, and looking at the eventual scoreline (0-0) I am very glad not to have parted with my cash. Must do better.[gallery]


  1. [...] I’ve already booked time off for the days after some of the evening derby games and am really looking forward to the next season. QPR should be pushing for the premier league – and properly this time, not last year’s joke of a season. [...]

  2. [...] its links to the far right after all, and QPR’s last season wasn’t exactly filled with examples of “getting things done”. Most sickeningly Ecclestone in his tirade defends Hitler by [...]

  3. [...] way I shall, after sitting out last season’s great big puddle of disappointment, be there with the rest of W12’s footballing fraternity. Hoping and shouting, and then hoping [...]