Sunday, 28 December 2008

Skating on slush

Could we not do better than this?!

My favourite friends, the rats of the Green, will be thanking their lucky stars at this hand out from the gods. Fast food left overs by the bag load littering the green and getting them through those cold winter months. All of which wouldnt be so bad if the Green was made some kind of winter wonderland for ushumans.

But instead we have something that reminds me of this Lapland place that was closed down recently[gallery]

after the parents of weeping children threatened to kill the proprietors!

The key attraction has to be this "ice rink" - covered in at least a cm of water. Do you need water skis to use it?!

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  1. [...] Walking across the Green this morning I was stunned to see the return of the fair ground that we last saw churning up the grass and feeding the local rats with boxes of half eaten fried chicken and chips. [...]