Wednesday, 4 July 2012

THAT Greenhalgh appearance: the real story

Steve O' Connell, the working class GLA Member for Croydon South was responsible for our illustrious former Council Leader's mauling during his first appearance at City Hall. Assembly Members were outraged that Mr Greenhalgh turned up having told the Metropolitan Police Commissioner that he didn't need to turn up, and then proceded not to be able to answer any questions.

I have been told by a source that Mr Greenhalgh HAD actually told one of those Assembly Members that the Commissioner would not be turning up, fully in advance, and was shocked to find that Mr O'Connell had not passed the message on. In fact Mr O'Connell, seeing the predicament he had caused, saw fit to gently chide Mr Greenhalgh himself, thus proving that in politics even if you are the reason the man is on the floor, you still give him a good kick. Even if he is on your side.

I have been told that Mr Greenhalgh feels personally let down by Mr O'Connell's actions and that there is much venom and backbiting within the Tory Group as a result. And the fact that this has come to me would indicate that they wish people to know the level of Mr O'Connell's personal bravery and backbone.

What a pleasant game politics can be.

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