Thursday, 19 July 2012

Uxbridge Road stabbing

Hopgood Street
A man was stabbed in Cafe E-roma on Hopgood Street/Uxbridge Road in the early hours of yesterday with the police throwing up a cordon to investigate and prompting many of you to ask what was going on. I've been asking for info ever since but the police seem unable to provide any, other than to confirm that it was a stabbing.

Clearly actually investigating a crime has to take precedence over dealing with the likes of me but equally when there is a lack of information the problem is that rumours start to swirl. People living nearby are particularly concerned about this latest incident, marking as it does yet another example of why they are worried about the creeping transformation of that part of W12 into a pretty dicey place after dark. It was one of the first stops I made when out with the Police in the Bush one Saturday night.

It's also the reason why Subway bar, just opposite the cafe where the incident took place, had a 24 hour license application turned down just last week. 

Here's what a resident who lives metres away and who wants to remain anonymous told me last night: 
"If you have the time it would be great if you did a small piece on your blog, on the Hopgood St stabbing, the second this year. It is a short street of only 20 houses, but full of families and elderly, but it has a load of problems due to late night “refreshment” outlets on Uxbridge Rd. It has become much worse lately". 
"We are writing to the council and police to reverse the licensing hours as this area has become a small hours destination. The area has become a concentrated spot for late night and early morning hangouts. Drugs, urinating, ASB and the rest. People are getting no sleep".
When I get more information on the stabbing I will add it here. In the meantime if you want to share info with each other do use the comments section as normal. In fairness to the Police they had to make their one press person redundant a few months ago so this sort of info-lag is going to get worse - see, those cuts are real!

I now have a statement from Police with the details:

At 0035 hours on 18th July 2012 a male in his thirties received a stab wound after being chased into Eroma Cafe, Uxbridge Road W12.

His condition is not serious.

There is no evidence to link the cafe with the incident apart from the victim ran into there as a place of safety.

The staff have been very co-operative.

At that time of night, sometimes people do seek sanctuary at late night, well lit establishments.


  1. not sure i accept the causal link between late licensing and stabbings. sure, there's a causal link between late-licensing-near-your-house and stabbings-near-your-house, but maybe that stabbing would've happened anyway. QED: nimbyism.

    one of the best things about bush is you can get food and drink at all hours. let's not give the yuppie invaders an easy ride sanitising our hood, no?

    1. I think the whole point is your "hood" needs sanitising? If you're in to late night stabbings, fried chicken from multiple outlets, kebabs, etc, taxi drivers who don't speak English, urinating in peoples front gardens - then yes, they are all the best things about the Bush.
      However, most people prefer to live in peace and with respect for their neighbours etc - almost like yuppie invaders. Bring the yuppie invasion on I say - soon we'll have nice places to eat, nods in the morning, labradors instead of pitbulls, the schools will improve with all the little yuppies (if they don't go private) and you'll hear English being spoken on the buses albeit a bit plummy(if they can bring themselves to leave the Audi at home). But seriously, the council recognise the issue and launched a cumulative impact study and concluded the Bush was getting too out of control, and they have since tightened the licensing regulations - although clearly it's not the complete solution. Nik

    2. Is Shepherd's Bush really that bad? I had thought it had improved in recent years but it sounds a bit like the Bronx in the 90s. And to think Holland Park is minutes away.

    3. What's wrong with fried chicken and kebabs? And if its plummy voices you're after, well, Holland Park's only up the road...

  2. I take it you don't live on that street.

    1. I have lived in the Bush for nearly 5 years and if you want trouble you can get it. I think things have improved but the post above about yuppies´real` place with real people and is enjoyable to live in for me. Sure HP has nice houses and so on but also no atmosphere or live about it. I feel safe enough walking the streets at whatever hour and if confronted by someone who is spoiling for a fight or more know how to disengage myself from a potential confrontation-its all about how you react and act-I had good schooling in this having a set of parents from Glasgow.

  3. This is why I'm leaving London. I don't live in Shepherd's Bush but can empathise as where I live in Battersea anti-social behaviour, street fights and robberies are rampant, I don't feel comfortable being out in my own area late. This is at the moment before the Met is torn apart by cuts, SNTs disappear and an already stretched to (and sometimes beyond) breaking point police just can't provide a service that actually keeps us safe. In my opinion now is the time to get out of London, Brighton here I come.

    1. Brighton's nickname is "London-On-Sea" - drugs, crime, homelessness etc.

      If you don't like this town you probably didn't like the last town and probably won't like the next town.

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