Friday, 8 June 2012

Ministry of Silly Walks: A Shepherd's Bush production

Did you know? The Ministry of Silly Walks was founded in the streets of Shepherd's Bush by the comedy genius that came together as Monty Python's Flying Circus back in the 1970s. It was invented on Thorpebank Road, W12.

No, I didn't either. But it was revealed to me by local historian Peter Trott, also a member of the Friends of Wormholt Park and present on the Thorpebank Road street party, who was in receipt of a signed card by Python Michael Palin to prove that it was so.

So if you're having a drink in the Bush this evening, raise a glass to our forebears, and perhaps do a silly walk across the bar. Nobody will notice. Much.


  1. There is a little bit more to read here (a bit down the page)

  2. Another local sketch was 'Climbing the Uxbridge Road' it's on Youtube....... Iain Muir