Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hosepipe ban to go as Bush floods

Hosepipe ban
The shipping forecast was required in parts of Shepherd's Bush this morning as water from the equivalent of hundreds if not thousands of hosepipes roared forth from what must have been a pretty large high pressure pipe underneath Wormholt Road. Someone living close by told me it had been disgorging the gallons, which were flooding the street so badly the fast flowing torrent they'd created needed fencing off from traffic, all night.

Can you imagine the volume of water that must be? As householders contemplated the new shoreline outside their houses, with the lake lapping at their front gardens having taken over the pavement as well as the road, we remarked on how many hosepipes it would have taken to waste the same amount of water.

And that's why the whole hosepipe ban, which is being rescinded today and will end tomorrow, went down like a cup of cold sick with me - water bosses who shell out vast sums to shareholders and themselves instead of fixing their own pipes - telling other people that they couldnt use a hose. It wasn't the end of the world for any of us, but Thames Water would do well to get their own house in order before trying that one again next year.

End of rant.


  1. the ban should have continued: who needs to water their plants in this weather.

    a couple of issues ago a number crunching panel in private eye pointed out that the volume of water required to get us out of drought was a fraction of that lost through leaks.

    I moved to the bush from Scotland a little over a year ago, and the Glasgow water board generally had leaks fixed with 24 hours: in fact you rarely saw the leaks, only the holes dug by the workmen to fix them. i was amazed when I moved down and saw leaks continuing unabated for 4 or even 7 days.

    unaccountable privitisation works...

  2. Thames Water are incompetent. That is all, they insult us with hosepipe bans but are completely incapable of managing their infrastructure, plus, they regularly poison the river. THey should not be allowed to pay a penny in bonuses or dividends until they get their house in order - they are a gross example of a poorly privatised company, milking customers for the sake of their Directors and Shareholders. In short, Bastards.