Monday, 30 April 2012

London Election: Look at your Assembly Member

Kit Malthouse: Aggressive and arrogant
Have a look at your own Assembly Member. Marvel at his arrogance and aggression. Watch it here and bear it in mind before you cast your vote. Kit Malthouse, your Assembly Member for West Central, appeared instead of Boris Johnson on yesterday's BBC Politics Show. Boris thought it was more important to go canvassing in SW London instead - which was proved by Londoners on Twitter giving the lie to his claims to have had a 'private engagement'.

In an aggressive and, some might say, downright rude interview he told BBC London correspondent Tim Donovan yesterday that: 
  • Boris has delayed by three years the benefits cap from the last budget that will force thousands of Londoners to leave their homes. He didn't deny that thousands of Londoners would have to leave their homes.
  • That it's not such a bad thing that the Cycle Hire scheme which is coming to the Bush is losing money and needing to be funded by the taxpayer - revealed by bloggers not journalists who bought the Boris line - the Council later admitted to me it would cost £2 million in our borough alone
  • That false statistics about a project on youth crime at Feltham Youth Offenders Institutute that Boris had been told by those working on the project were “unproven” and “unreliable” - but which he used anyway – was not such a big deal and that the BBC was “obsessed” about crime. And that's the Deputy Mayor for Policing talking. 
Breathtaking stuff.

After that Mr Donovan asked Mr Mathouse why Boris had not asked more questions about the phone hacking scandal when he was briefed by the Met. At which point Mr Malthouse lost it completely. Jabbing his finger and demanding that Mr Donovan “stop” his “smears” which were “disgraceful”. Perhaps this was because Mr Malthouse himself asked the Met to stop spending resources on the investigation. 

Lastly here's Mr Malthouse in action at the last People's Question Time in Hammersmith trying desperately to talk down the traders of Goldhawk Road who wanted to ask Boris why he's signed their death warrants so that our Council and a property developer could knock them down. Thankfully they proved that Mr Malthouse can be beaten if you persist and Boris had to respond. And you can beat Mr Malthouse too when you vote on Thursday this week.


  1. I've just looked at the clip and I think Kit gave a good interview despite the incessant pestering interuptions of Tim Donovan. To call him arrogant and aggressive smacks of jumping on the Nadine Dorries bandwagon. I'm sure that both Boris and Kit will fare well on Thursday - after all none of the other candidates can mount a serious opposition

  2. Typical reply from what must be a person close to the heart of Boris and Kit, and to attack Nadine Dorries when she only said what many people actually think is a bit ( excuse the pun ) Rich

  3. This Malthouse bell end needs sacking along with his fat, stupid bumbling wanker of a boss. Sack Boris!

  4. Why did Malthouse say Boris could not make it because of 'a private engagement?'

  5. Malthouse is already up to his neck in the Hacking Scandal after allegedly trying to pursuade the Met to spend less time on the case.

  6. to Chris, I have followed this blog because I beleived it to be a fair and balanced veiw of what goes on around the bush. I am disapointed to find it is not.

    I will be voting for Boris because I have already experienced Kens leadership (twice) and I would now vote for a penguin if it was the only choice against Ken. The people who say he cares about London and Londeners have very short memories. for "London" read the "Borough of Westminster" no other part of London seemed to matter to him last time.