Monday, 30 April 2012

Boris: "Stuff BBC's f**king b***ocks"

Well, the wheels are coming off Boris' campaign in this the last week of the election. I reported this morning on a particularly unpleasant and aggressive interview given by our own Assembly Member Kit Malthouse, the Deputy Mayor for Policing who apparently thinks the BBC is needlessly "obsessed" with crime. Now the Mayor himself has let rip again with a foul mouthed tirade against a journalist for daring to ask about Boris' links with News International (he pursued several business projects with them while they were being investigated for phone hacking).

Watch for yourself and make up your own mind. I voted last week - and it wasn't for either of these yobs.


  1. "Well, the wheels are coming off Boris' campaign in this the last week of the election. "

    What? A Populus for the Times has just put him at 12% ahead of Ken. Hardly the wheels coming off.

    Fair enough if you want to write about the man's faults, but this is just desperate propaganda.

    I wasn't sure I was going to vote for him myself, but after reading this drivel by his opponents, I have just put my X by his name and popped it in the post.

    1. Well done. Lets hope others in the bush can prove they are not "sheep" who are persuaded by rabid propoganda.

  2. Hiya Chris, well a little water under the bridge, Joan Sheedy died aeons ago, Billy Quirke who defeated the NUJ in the Irish High Court back in 1981 died nine years ago in 2003 - Billy was elected to Enniscorthy Council in Wexford in 1994 and described his five years there as "the worst years of my life"!
    Nick Lowry , long left RTE, published a book "The Facilitators" about it all, he's still alive and well in Blackrock , Dublin, with his wife Mary.
    I'm a studio photographer in Kilkenny.

    In memory of Billy Quirke, a Rebel as awesome as his County Wexford forebear , Father Murphy:

    Michael McGrath.
    Kilkenny City,
    (On my partner Katie's account)