Friday, 10 February 2012

H&Fs Most Wanted - one down, six to go

Lucy D'Orsi & Greg Smith 
Remember H&F's "Most Wanted"? We're one down and six to go with one of the alleged ne'erdowells having handed themselves in on Wednesday to Hammersmith Police Station, perhaps as a result of having their mug paraded through the streets.

Sean Patterson who, along with Darrell Richmond, had been charged with a £2,000 jewellery theft in W12 and had failed to appear at Isleworth Crown Court on the 3rd November 2011. He has now been remanded in custody awaiting his trial for burglary later in the month.

The Wanted Offenders Campaign is part of a joint initiative between The Metropolitan Police and Hammersmith and Fulham Council which was launched on the 26th of January in Lyric Square. An initial seven wanted offenders had their 3 feet high images mounted on a van which then toured the Borough. This is part of a wider initiative to be used on the Borough to target outstanding offenders.

Enquiries are still on going regarding the other six suspects.
  • Darrell Richmond both failed to appear at Isleworth Crown Court last November after being charged with a £2,000 jewellery robbery in Shepherd's Bush.
  • Amy Libren is charged with causing actual bodily harm to her partner and possessing crystal meth, cocaine and mephedrone.
  • Phillip Brown admitted supplying crack cocaine and heroin but has been on the run after failing to turn up at Kingston Crown Court for sentencing.
  • Paul Dunkley admitted burglary of a Shepherd’s Bush jewellers but also failed to appear.
  • Maria Calvi is charged with burgling staff areas of pubs in Shepherd's Bush and Hammersmith but failed to appear in court.
  • Adam Gryzec was released from prison last November after serving a year-long sentence for burglary, but broke his parole conditions.
I am, as you'll have noticed, not slow to crticise this Council when they get things wrong and in the past I've described them as a tank, rolling over the heads of local people. But they also act like a tank when it comes to crims and they deserve every bit of praise for it. Our Chief Tanker is of course Cabinet member for Law n Ordah Greg Smith, who has this to say: 

“One down, six to go. Criminals can run, but they cannot hide and in Hammersmith & Fulham we believe in a zero-tolerance crime-fighting approach. Patterson will now spend some time behind bars for the crimes he committed and we now need Londoners to have a look at the remaining six suspects so we can weed them out too.”

Borough Commander Chief Superintendent Lucy D’Orsi said: 

"I am pleased that this campaign has had an initial positive result and that the first of these offenders has handed himself in to the police. I would urge the others to do the same as my officers will continue with their enquiries aimed at bringing them to justice. Hammersmith and Fulham Police are committed to utilising new technology to fight crime, target offenders and engage with the local community."

Seriously well done to them both  - this is exactly the sort of thing H&F can claim to be doing right and setting an example that other Councils would do well to follow. Top marks. 

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  1. While I sympathise with many of the residents in your area that have been victims of crime because in no way do I condone any of these peoples behavour however, you shouldn´t judge the people who commit them. Yes they have committed a crime and done a bad thing but that doesn´t necessarilly make them bad people. I know one of the people and that person is a good person so dont be quick to judge them when you haven´t been in their situation.