Tuesday, 24 February 2009

In Flanders Fields

Well, thats what Shepherds Bush Green resembles at the moment. Months after the Xmas fair sat on the Green for four weeks plus the state of the Green still reminds me of a miniature first world war battlefield. I dont disagree with using the Green more, after all what is the point of having the open space if you dont use it as much as you can, but its a shame nobody thought about the state it would leave the place in, and what to do about that.



  1. [...] I said last time I have nothing against the use of the Green for things like this but those of us who walk across [...]

  2. [...] to clear up either the state of the litter or the state of the Green which was left churned up and resembling a battleground for months. I noticed an immediate and prolonged increase in the number of rats I saw and I have [...]