Sunday, 5 February 2012

Bush in the snow - tubes down gritters out

Last week Boris Johnson had this to say to the BBC: "Across all our roads and rails, hundreds of workers are on standby to ensure that, should we receive a mega deposit of snow, we are in a position to keep the capital moving."

Well, that went well didn't it.

On the home front, however, our Council seem to be making a much better fist of it with pent-up gritting machines, who've been chomping at the bit all winter to spray their grit, have been unleashed. By all accounts things seem to be OK at the moment across H&F.

I have to say this weird weather (a very mild winter with a Siberian snap just at the end) continues a trend that saw October's autumnal leaves fall to the super-heated ground of 32C heat. Which is why I never cease to be amazed that the global warming deniers on the lunatic fringes always seize on any cold weather as conclusive proof that the theory is bunkum.

No IQ test required to be an MEP
So enjoy the snow and be careful on the roads. And good luck to you all on Monday...


  1. OK in H&F? As forecast, it snowed from 5pm last night and the council hadn't even gritted the main roads. Buses only able to move along King Street with great caution. Here's a picture of the Broadway last night!/kjcart/status/165948376502910976/photo/1.
    Apparently they gritted about 5am, just before the thaw started.

  2. There was an LBHF gritter at work on the A40/Old Oak Rd at 4.30pm yesterday..... Iain Muir

  3. Without wishing to throw my lot in with Roger Helmer, I point out only that it is just as silly to pick on any spell of warm weather as proof that global warming is taking place.