Saturday, 9 November 2013

Tales of the White City: Screening at the Bush!

Bush Blog Editor Nathalie Bristow reports on a superb new film about the Bush...

As part of their RADAR New Writing Festival 2013, the Bush Theatre is screening Tales of the White City, a moving and original film created for BBC Outreach by Benjamin Till with the people of the White City Estate and produced by LandSky. Come to the Bush Theatre on Monday 18th November with 2 screenings (1815 & 1930) - it's free but you have to reserve tickets here

The film celebrates White City and our local community and there's a party in the bar and a post-show Q&A (7.30 performance only) with the director and producer of the film.

Over 500 local people were involved in the film, which was created to help celebrate the community spirit and diversity of the people who live on the White City estate - an area of London which the BBC and the Bush Theatre have been closely linked to for many years. Tales of the White City is a unique, uplifting film which contains moving performances and real life stories.

Featuring tales from the lives of individuals and with lead performances from eleven local characters who contributed their own lyrics, the musical includes stories such as the enduring love of an older couple and life at a local Egyptian restaurant. Performances include poetry, dancing and a song from 400 children from three different local primary schools, with words written by the children themselves.

People have been talking about it up and down the Uxbridge Road and this is your chance to see it and meet the people involved- who you probably know - like Bob the vicar who has a starring role!

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