Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sweat bus to hit Hammersmith

Broken down bus
The new Boris Buses, each costing £354,000 per bus, will be joining the fleet serving Hammersmith as the number 390 joins the throng. The 'routemaster' replacement has been renamed the 'roastmaster' over the course of the summer, referring to the unbearably sweaty conditions on the behicle which does not permit users to open the windows. The air conditioning system does not work, leading even Boris cheerleaders at the Evening Standard to declare the buses a disaster. 

Even the vaunted 'on-off' hop on and off system is frequently not in operation as the doors are closed, adding to the sweat box conditions.

Speaking to MayorWatch the Mayor defended his expensive new buses:

“We will ensure these buses more than earn their keep over the next few years. By keeping them in harness in the capital for the entirety of their useful life, we will be extracting every last drop of value out of them.”
But Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson said:
“The New Bus for London is an expensive vanity project which the next Mayor will abandon as an outdated and polluting waste of money. Londoners’ simply can’t afford the higher fares that will come from paying £37m a year to bus assistants whose only real job is to stop people falling off the rear platform when it is open".


  1. They look modern and striking, which is a significant design success because they have the potential to become iconic symbols of London. In that sense they are a huge improvement on the socialist behemoths that were Ken's ungainly and much hated bendy buses.

  2. I was never much of a fan of the bendies either - but surely paying £354,000 PER BUS to have things that don't work in the Summer is a bit of a clanger, even for the most ardent Boris admirers?