Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Assault at Walkabout

On September 16th some of you may have seen that the Walkabout, which has had its problems with drunken violence on more than one occasion, was taped off by the police. I've now had the lowdown of what took place and it is thus, according to a police spokesperson:

" incident which happened around 2130 on the 16th September. Police were called to a male outside the Walkabout, who was staggering around with a bloody face and police found a pool of blood on the floor. 

The man was being treated by an off duty Doctor after a Security Guard found the male on the floor. 

The victim had a cut to his eyebrow, swollen nose and blood over his hands. The Ambulance Service attended and the male appeared to lose consciousness. He was placed on a spinal board and relayed to Hospital where he was found to have a broken nose, possible fracture to his thumb and cuts. 

The male was also believed to have consumed an amount of alcohol. If anyone has any information they can contact A/DS Kent in the CID at Hammersmith Police Station on 0208-246-2446".

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