Monday, 11 April 2011

Fitness First Shepherd's Bush: service last

Yesterday morning I was the first person into the weights room. Keen, you might think. Well, confused actually. Confused because on the one hand I couldn't find any of the weights I wanted without hunting through the strewn mess all over the floor where they'd been causally tossed everywhere and confused because I'd actually thought the gym was turning a corner.

In recent weeks I've posted on several occasions about how this branch of Fitness First, of which I have been a member for the best part of a decade and which in the last couple of years has been "crumbling" according to members and fitness trainers alike, has been getting steadily worse. Mouldy showers, fighting cleaners and no water have all combined to trigger an exodus of members.

But in recent weeks a feisty young woman who I'm told is the regional manager of London has been around the place, and she's been seen kicking some bottom. I've seen cleaners being given strict orders and then questioned about why they haven't carried them out and others have told me of similar stories. I've had emails from head office every time I write about them promising action and gradually it's producing results. The mould has gone, the showers seem to be working and people are happier.

Why, then, do they then let themselves down by never tidying the place up at the end of the night so that it's ready for the morning? And before anyone from Head Office, for I know they'll be reading this, claims it was a one off I have other pics from other days which prove it's not.

I was told yesterday by another member who is also now leaving that a gym down the road in Olympia, 67 degrees I think it's called, has started offering two people for £60 per month and GymBox at Westfield is putting some other offer on as well. Unless FitnessFirst tick all the boxes, including tidying up, all of this belated improvement is just not going to be enough. There, that's said.

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