Monday, 4 April 2011

Fitness First Shepherd's Bush: Members revolt

The members are revolting - or rather they are up in arms at the revolting service they continue to endure at crumbling Fitness First Shepherd's Bush.

Last week those of you that follow me on Twitter will have witnessed the extraordinary spectacle of little me having to put Fitness First in touch with Thames Water so that they could both sort out why the gym had no water supply. I got the strong impression that although Thames Water were the reason the supply had been cut off Fitness First had not so much as picked up the phone to find out why.

During that time one personal trainer at the gym complained heartily that they are also now losing money because as freelancers they pay Fitness First a "rent" in order that they can charge their clients for their services. But they can't charge their clients if there are no showers. Another trainer told me he thought the place was "crumbling". While the hapless receptionist blamed what she called "the Thames River" which I took to mean the water utility.

So let's hear from members revolt leader Steve, who files another fearless report from what is surely now one of London's worst gyms:
"..last week there were no towels. today (sunday) there was no hot water. which, of course, means there will be no hot water monday morning. ''brutal,'' one guy told me as he toweled off from a cold shower. 'i don;'t shower here. it is a bit dirty,' said another. another guy came out of the shower naked and in disbelief that there was no hot water".
Personally I don't now expect the gym to be there much longer, as I can only assume that Head Office are allowing the gym to die on its feet. Housed in the equally crumbling W12 Centre, which looks like one of those planets you watch on documentaries with no life on them because they circle some massive sun too closely, perhaps Fitness First have given up the ghost and hope we'll all just join GymBox over the road at Westfield.

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