Thursday, 7 April 2011

Askew Business Network hosts actor David Cann

Next thursday, the 14th April, the Askew Business Network which represents businesses up and down the Askew Road will be gathering for one of their now regular monthly get togethers at the Greyhound Pub just off the road itself.

This month's gathering will feature local actor David Cann, pictured, who has starred in everything from EastEnders to Grange Hill (remember that?!). The gatherings are usually quite well attended and relaxed and well worth popping into if you're interested in taking the pulse of this part of the Bush.

There's a lot hapenning on the Askew Road at the moment as anyone who frequents or lives on it will know. While existing local businesses are feeling the pinch, as one of them was telling me in Adams Cafe over breakfast last week, still others have gone under. But the sudden arrival of hordes of new supermarkets, like a band of Spanish explorers, is set to change the tone of the road for a long while to come.

Tescos is on it's way, hot on the heels of Sainsburys and Waitrose is battling for planning permission to be sited in the old Sun Pub, with an extra layer of new flats on top. At the lower end of the market Nisa is still desperately trying to get a license to flog booze at all hours in the face of opposition from residents and the police while a hotch potch of other businesses plough their furrow too.

On balance I'd say there's more to be optimistic about than pessimistic - but why not go along yourself and find out more. The meeting is from 1800 - 2030 at The Greyhound, 49 Becklow Road, W12 9ER. More details here

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  1. Ah. I believe I have met Mr Cann not knowing at all who he was, and have to say that if I am indeed correct then he was a thoroughly agreeable gentleman.