Thursday, 28 April 2011

Askew Business Network Drinks: 9th May The Greyhound

The Askew Business Network, who are a thriving if newly established group of local businesses based on or around the Askew Road, are hosting their next networking event at the usual venue, the Greyhound Pub, on May 9th.

One of the reasons these evenings have proved so succesful is that whoever organises them adeptly chooses themes and speakers for each event. So it's not just lots of people wandering round with business cards, but a bunch of people with common interests listening to an interesting speaker. This coming event will focus on ergonomics - how to do your job without injuring yourself! Last months event featured local actor David Cann, pictured.

Networking does go on of course and I've included below some testimonials from some business partnerships that have already flourished locally as a result. Even if you're not (currently) a business owner in the Bush you really should come along if only to meet some of the people who literally keep W12 going with their variety of services and products.

Here's what they have to say themselves:

The network works! 


So many of us dislike networking but we hope our informal approach makes it far more pleasurable – especially as we know it works. The small group that runs the Askew Business Network did a quick tot up of business that has been exchanged since we established the network and it’s rather impressive, particularly as we are sure there is more than we know of:
  • Collaboration: CPA architects and building contractor Seymour Projects are now working together to tender jointly for contracts. And local garden designer Richard Jackson is working with Litchfield Gardens (of Chiswick) on a large garden design in Richmond.
  • IT support: Dominique Simond of Macximise has rescued several businesses (such as Seymour Projects) and individuals from Apple Mac disasters.
  • Getting to grips with Twitter: DigitalPlot’s Annie Pennington has helped Joanna Biddolph (of Amethyst Communications) streamline her Tweeting saving her time and attracting more people to her website.
  • New curtains: Soft furnishings maker Delyth Smith has made new curtains for Annie Pennington’s sitting room – and recommended good value fabric shops, saving Annie money.
  • Photography: Photographer Luke White was commissioned by Seymour Projects to take photographs for their website.
  • Spending money locally: We’ve introduced our members to the refurbished Greyhound pub and have spent money at the bar!
If you have exchanged business as a result of the network do let us know – we’d like to continue to demonstrate that the networking is working. Just email us to let us know. 

And this month you can hear all about:

Find out how to protect your body from work strain – plus networking
Monday, 9th May: 6.00pm to 8.30pm
The Greyhound, 49 Becklow Road, W12 9ER

How often do you get up from your desk feeling you need a good stretch? Do you get nagging aches in your neck or shoulders? What about eye strain – and wrist pain? Or perhaps you spend your working day on your feet and go home with tired legs or rubbing your back? 

Local osteopath David Tatton will give us advice and tips on how to minimise the impact our jobs can have on our bodies – and how musculoskeletal problems can affect our lives in other ways – so we can minimise the damage we might otherwise do through ignorance. David established West London Osteopaths in 1984 and runs clinics at 65 Vespan Road where you can also take pilates classes and have holistic massage treatment. He also lectures about osteopathy – so, yet again, we are guaranteed first class information and advice. 

Join us for this informative session – with networking before and after David’s talk. As before, there is no charge; buy your drinks at the bar. 

Remember to bring business cards and marketing materials with you – we will provide a table where members can display their brochures, etc. 

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