Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Flyover final works

The final phase of maintenance work to the Hammersmith Flyover is planned to start next month, with planners hoping to keep road disruption to a minimum. This follows the near miss during the Olympics when there were real fears that athletes would be prevented from getting to venues on time.

Following on from the first phase of work in spring 2012, the final maintenance will extend the life of the structure, "for decades" according to TfL. That's not quite what our Council want to hear, as they lobby for a "flyunder" solution.

During the works, the remaining 11 of the flyover’s 16 spans will be strengthened in a similar fashion to the five spans that were strengthened last year. The bearings carrying the structure will also be replaced, carriageway drainage will be renewed and the entire flyover waterproofed and resurfaced to reduce the need for further maintenance in the future.

All activity that affects closure of the carriageway both over and under the flyover has been carefully programmed to take place at night, between 10.30pm-5.00am, in order to reduce disruption to road users. During summer 2014, a limited number of weekend closures in one direction will be required in order for the flyover to be waterproofed and resurfaced. TfL will ensure that these works are widely advertised ahead of them starting in order to help people plan their journeys.

Dana Skelley, Director of Roads at TfL, said:
“Our overriding focus when planning these essential works has been to keep disruption to a minimum. We are committed to completing them as quickly and efficiently as possible and will keep the local community and road users informed of progress as we work to deliver these vital improvements.”
For more information about these works, check out www.tfl.gov.uk/hammersmithflyover

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