Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hammersmith & Fulham: Genital wart central

Goody bags, condoms & chlamydia screening
Our borough has been awarded the dubious honour of having the highest level of genital wart infection in the capital, while the borough is near top of the list for all sexually transmitted infections, according to a disturbing report in the Evening Standard.

I remember attending this event in 2009 during a staycation in White City once and being dumbfounded by the promotional material which seemed to place chlamydia alongside music and food as being among the things teenagers were most keenly interested in. It seems these grim numbers confirm what the event organisers knew all along.

What the report in the Standard doesnt really address is what the NHS and other services intend to actually do about it. I would think that the new health centre currently being constructed next to Wormholt Park is going to be something of a centre of excellence on the subject from a medical point of view, but that's only ever going to be picking up the pieces.

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  1. Maybe they could start by promoting Blood checks... I arrived here 10 years ago at 30 and I had already had numerous HIV and other sexual diseases test since my teens. (I have never had any actually) How surprised was I to hear around that none of my friends or English colleagues did any, or the GP asking me why I would want to be tested if I was not injecting drugs or having a very promiscuous life.