Saturday, 16 April 2011

Shepherd's Bush Green consultation: deadline tuesday

If you want to register your views on the Council's proposed redrawing of Shepherd's Bush Green you now have only until tuesday to do so. I reported here on how there is growing opposition from businesses and residents alike to the Council's plan to cut down many trees, construct a new cafe and create "mounds" by landscaping the area.

The plans, which are already years behind schedule, were further delayed when the Planning Inspectorate labelled our Council's publicity about the changes so far as, to use their words, "deficient".They forced the Council to re-issue the publicity and further elongate the process. 

Existing cafes fear the loss of trade, residents fear the growth of litter and noise while many just don't like the idea of lots of trees being lost. Here's what the chair of the Macfarlane Road Residents Association Viv James has to say:
"Regarding the proposed redevelopment of SBG, as you said on the Blog there is to be a hearing on Tues 17th May for 3 days. If anyone wishes to object to the destruction of mature indigenous trees, to the installation of a hideous café, despite there being 80 within 5 minutes walk from the Green and to the idea of creating “mounds” on the Green, objections must be received by Tues 19th April.

Surely businesses around the green that offer café services already are against the idea of another outlet to compete against? The SBMarket needs the business too so why create another source of litter on what is fundamentally a glorified roundabout? SB Ward councillors have been silent on this project, and I have not heard or read anything from the Town Centre Manager either".
So a thumbs down there for the Council but also for the local Labour councillors who clearly haven't made an impression with that group of W12ers. Residents from Pennard Road and the Macfarlane Roads seem to be in the lead in opposing the plans, backed up by many traders from the nearby Shepherd's Bush Market - itself up in arms about proposals to build seven floors of luxury flats on top of it - overshadowing whatever is eventually done with the Green. 

Anyone who wishes to object at the Public Hearing must present their objections in writing first and BY NEXT TUESDAY. 

Anyone wishing to do so will need to send 2 copies to 

Christine Griffee, (quoting Ref "COM 193")
Common Land Casework Team
4/05 Kite Wing
Temple Quay House
2 The Square

There will be a hearing starting on Tues 17th May for 3 days at Hammersmith Town Hall about the plans which will decide whether or not they go ahead. Unusually the Council is not in a position simply to railroad these plans, they will be decided by the Planning Inspectorate, so there is some doubt about whether they'll go ahead. Interesting times ahead...

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  1. I have a 2 year old son and currently don't use the green as it is so grotty. A new, safe playground and a cafe is exactly what I need. It will make a massively positive difference to our day to day lives.

    Lorna, Macfarlane Road.