Friday, 8 April 2011

QPR parking changes unveiled

Large new areas of W12 will be no-go for match days if QPR win promotion to the premiership next season. As Warnock's men demolished a sorry Sheffield Utd at Loftus Road on monday even the prospect of a points deduction from the FA did not seem to threatent the clubs ascent into the top flight, which is great news for those of us who've followed them through the bad times and the mad times.

But spare a thought for those living around the stadium and even at some distance from it-  because now every saturday they are to make way for Sky Sports and others as the fans flock to what will be top flight football in W12 for the first time since the squatters from Fulham FC were evicted from the ground.

In a letter from Ian Hawthorn, who has the scary title of "Head of Network Management and Enforcement" in the Environment Department, the Council have informed us that the club have requested earlier road closures and later re-openings in some cases, and that parking bans will extend all the way to the Uxbridge Road down Loftus Road in one case. Have a look at the map to see.

Now then, here are some images of life in Britain from when QPR were last in the top flight - John Major was PM and Spice Girls were number one - yes pop pickers, it was 1996!

Set against this the boon to local businesses and the general uplift in atmosphere this would bring to the area and I think you see this in context - even businesses further afield like Askew Road will probably see some benefit. But it doesnt come without a cost, so I hope those residents are suitably compensated.

14th April UPDATE - the Fulham Chronicle has caught up with this story here


  1. Have you got any links/details about this other than your own blog - would be interested!

  2. I am not sure that the residents of Ellerslie Rd and Loftus Rd will benefit or have a clear route to appeal against further and extended restrictions of their roads. It would seem that there should be a more reasonable way for Sky Spot etc to access the venue rather than displace residents.