Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Armed police chase man on Bloemfontein Rd

Some of you reported seeing numerous police cars and vans, and armed police searching the Uxbridge Road Tabernacle Church on the corner of Bloemfontein Road and Uxbridge Road on Saturday April 23rd in the afternoon. 
I put a call in to the local police who tell me that they were chasing a wanted man, and that according to the police spokeswoman "He was later stopped and arrested in a vehicle just off our ground.". I assume this is a reference to Shepherd's Bush police station down the road from Bloemfontein Rd. Just the place you'd want to run to if the police were after you!

Thanks again to the police for letting us know - keep up the good work. 


  1. By "just off our ground" do the police not mean in a different policing borough?

  2. yes that's probably a better explanation - I've asked them anyway!