Friday, 14 August 2009

Cycle Friday?

21_93_2---Bicycle-Sign_webDid you cycle this friday as part of the Mayor's campaign?

In case you feel like doing so next week the nearest route to us departs from Ravenscourt Park and is escorted by experienced riders to Trafalgar Square. It departs at 0800 sharp.

The snag is you will have to find your own way home!

My own tip if you want to avoid the roads altogether is the Thames Path from Hammersmith Bridge, which will take you on a country track next to the river all the way into Putney, and from there you can either cross into what is basically the west end or if you're like me on your way south press on a bit towards Clapham Junction. Beautiful views. And no cars!


  1. During the rail strikes of the early 90s I lived in Walthamstow and thought it would be good to cycle into the City as my trains from St James St to Liverpool St were cancelled. I did not own a bike so I went round the corner to a friend's house, had a convivial evening and borrowed a bike for the next day. The short ride home scared the pants off me and I would never do it again. Soft tissued cyclists and metal encrusted cars do not mix and there is likely to be only one survivor in an impact. Too scary. My husband rides across the Green and into Covent Garden almost daily but it worries me a lot; yes he is one of those that hammers on your car roof if you annoy him; and worse, my son now rides to school and around which is even more frightening. Lines on roads are no protection.

  2. I know just what you mean Viv my son was involved in a cycle accident on Saturday, on the junction of Bloemfontaine Rd and Uxbridge Rd, when a car turned left across him whilst he was in the cycle lane.........fortunately his injuries are not life threatening, but he will have facial scarring, this is his third accident in less than four months fortunately the other two were minor just clips on the shoulder from passing vehicles, but this one could have been fatal. In Germany the cycle lanes in many towns are bordered by raised lines with cats eyes on them, if crossing them a car would get a large jolt, maybe the mayor needs to go on a "usefull" fact finding mission and implement something similar here.

  3. Tracey sorry to hear that, hope your son is OK.

  4. hi chris sorry for the delay in responding he will be fine, he's back cycling top work and im back to chewing my nails worrying :)